Chain Wire Security

We can install chain wire security fences for any situation. The quality of the finished job comes down to 3 factors: the quality of the materials we use; the quality of the installation; and the range of products available to suit your needs.

Quality of materials:

  • We use long life and heavy galvanised finishes to minimise rust and lengthen lifespan.
  • We use Australian made wire (best quality product and supports Australian jobs).
  • We use pre-mixed concrete whenever possible – it is stronger and more consistent.
  • We use PVC coated and galvanised products to ensure the long life of our work.

Concrete Mowing strips

We can install concrete mowing strips to meet all sizes and fence types. Mowing strips eliminate earth contact at the base of fence posts, protect the base of the fence from wear, make mowing easier and look great.

Quality of installation:

When placing posts in their holes we always the slide method - prefilling the footing with concrete and then sliding the post into the wet concrete, rather than pouring concrete around poles which have been stabilised with dirt. This ensures the post will have concrete below and inside its base, which reduces gaps, air pockets and prevents deterioration from the bottom of the post upwards.

Range of options:

  • Posts, members, fittings and gates can be powder coated or galvanised. Powder coated products have better appearance and are longer lasting, while galvanised products incur less construction and installation damage.
  • For added security we offer barb strand extensions. These are nominally 3 barbed wires placed 150mm apart at the top of the fence. They can be installed vertically or with a bent post configuration at a 45 degree angle inwards or outwards.
  • We have a wide range of tube diameters from minimal to high strength to match your needs.
  • Different gates to suit any application.
  • Range of fence heights: 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100,mm 2400mm, 2000mm, 3600mm,  to make sure you get a sufficient height for your security requirements.  Alternatively we can custom make to a height of your choice.
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Compliance Statement

Perimetech Pty Ltd is a fully licensed contractor, Licence No. 162933C.  IRE Certified for government funded work.
Fully Insured. Public Liability - $20 million minimum cover. Workers Compenstation – ACT & NSW.
OH&S Approved.