Civil Handrails

Type PD1 And PC1

This is a strong and durable handrail design suited to populated suburban areas. They are ideal for pedestrian safety and preventing vehicle intrusion. They are constructed form medium grade galvanised round tube with fully welded joints. They can be in-ground or base plated to concrete with galvanised anchors.

Monowheel Handrails

These handrails use a steel ball joint system which means there is no welding required. This results in a quicker and less disruptive installation which is important in certain situations, for example indoor or flammable areas.


Benefits of our civil handrails:

  • Our handrails are fabricated on-site. This results in fewer mistakes and defects than off-site fabrication.
  • We use the correct steel products and gauges in accordance with construction drawings, ensuring the strongest possible product.
  • We use two coats of galvanising primer paint on all welds in order to reduce rusting and increase the life of the product.
  • Our equipment is more than adequate to handle all onsite and offsite fabrication.
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Compliance Statement

Perimetech Pty Ltd is a fully licensed contractor, Licence No. 162933C.  IRE Certified for government funded work.
Fully Insured. Public Liability - $20 million minimum cover. Workers Compenstation – ACT & NSW.
OH&S Approved.