Rural, Roadside Stock and Vermin Fencing

Good quality stock fencing is crucial for effective stock handling and vermin control. We create larger footings on strainer and end assemblies and all gullies are anchored down with star pickets to ensure your fence stays in place in wet conditions.

Stock and vermin proof fencing

Nominally of a star picket construction with 100NB straining posts and 50 NB galvanised round diagonal bracing stays, both concreted in-ground. We also have hardwood and treated timber options available. This provides strong anchoring of the fence and tensioning of the wires which leads to less movement, bending and distortion than fences built with smaller diameter tubes.

The star pickets are either galvanised or covered in a black protective coating and spaced at three or four metre intervals. This creates consistent strength throughout the fence and a consistent wire elevation. Intermediate strengthening posts made from hardwood, treated pine, concrete or steel can be used to reinforce the fence for larger stock such as cattle and horses.

Wire configurations can range from a mixture of plain and barb strands, coverings range from hinge joint and ring lock apertures, to rabbit proof netting. This allows configuration of the ideal fence to keep your stock type in (and vermin out).

Also available is an above-ground Stayblock system with strainer and stay adapters. Stayblock is an excellent bracing system which allows zero movement throughout the lifetime of the fence, which is critical in stock fencing construction. Installation of this system is very simple and fast, only requiring a cordless drill to fit stays to strainers using a simple flat-pack connection system.

We have post and rail fences for stock control and domestic situations (when aesthetic considerations are important).

Vermin proofing

Typically this is a netting product which is either trenched and buried at the bottom of the fence or an additional netting curtain layered from the bottom of the fence and covered with earth.

Stock grids.

We supply and install stock grids including the excavation of the ramp sump and construction of ramp footings, as well as pre-made concrete moulds to support the stock grid.

Concrete Mowing strips

We can install concrete mowing strips to meet all sizes and fence types. Mowing strips eliminate earth contact at the base of fence posts, protect the base of the fence from wear, make mowing easier and look great.

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